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About Me
I have been a writer for thirteen years. I like to write unique stories with characters whom my readers can identify with. I have written four books, all of which my readers have told me how much they have enjoyed them. My first book, "A Faithful Choice," is the story of Delores Brown and how she was forced to run away from home after her mother marries a man who had more than fatherly intentions toward her. She moves in with her boyfriend, Sonny Brown and his Aunt Virginia, a drug addict. Dolores is forced to marry Sonny and after two children she goes to school to better herself, meets Leonard Velasco, owner of a fashion/model agency, who hires her and gives her a chance to become somebody. Dolores enters a world of riches and her whole life changes. You can order this book from, or get it from me.
My second book is, "Hope and Desire," a unique story of a young woman, Jennifer Greene, whose dreams for her own life keep getting shattered and taken from her; but she continues to hope and  dream. The story is about her struggles and of her never surrendering her desire and hope that somehow she will succeed. It is an easy book to read and enjoy. It has been given five stars by The American Author's Association. Order from
My third book is, "Destiny of The Wolf." What if you inherited genes that would turn you into something hideous? You've been normal since birth and you've dreamed of doing everything humans do; you would get married to the man that you loved and you would raise a family. Then on your ninteenth birthday and one moonlit night, the moon shines its light on you and a vicious storm rips through your brain causing the biggest headache you've ever experienced. Your heart races hard and fast, the bones in your spine twisted and cracked, and your arms and legs crunched as they lengthened. You scream and scream and scream again until your scream becomes a howl. This happened to Jessica Aiden who feared that her humanity would always be shadowed by her wolf genes and she sets out to make a serum that would cure her of her lycanthrophy so that she could marry the human man of her dreams. Order from amazon or from me.
My fourth book is, "To Love Again,"  the story of Tara Woods, a young woman desperate to leave behind a broken heart and to move on with her life. she makes a solemn affirmation with her best friend, Brigit Houston, to stay away from any emotional relationships with men. Burned by a self-absorbed ex-fiancee, Carl Edwards, Tara has convinced herself that there are no men in the world who aren't scoundrels or who are not rotten to the core and couldn't remain faithful in a lasting relationship. After causing an unexpected accident involving Logan Davis, she finds herself smitten by his good looks, dynamic personality and eminences of a confident man who knew where he wanted to go, how to get there and could challenge anyone why got in his way. This freightened her. Tara was convinced that she was benumbed to men, especially disturbing sensuous-looking men like Logan. After one dinner, supposedly to discuss damages to his car, and a night out on the town, Tara and Logan couldn't resist the sparks that wouldn't stop flying between them. My goal is based on the belief that my customers' needs are of the utmost importance and I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of sales for my books are from repeat customers and referrals. order from, or from me.
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the  book industry. Go to and search by my name, Theresa Grant and all of my book will appear.
4917 Morning Glory Court
Rockville, MD 20853
10:00 am to 9:00 pm  Just go to my website, and email: Your wish is my command.
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