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Networking With Other Authors to Find New Readers
Giving Our Readers What They Want IN Our Novels
Keeping Your Creative Self Up and Running
Making the Most of Writing Every Day
Rejection Doesn't Have To Hurt


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Taking MY Books On Tour

Networking With Other Authors to Find New Readers

It's getting harder to snag a reader's attention, especially if you are a new author. There are so many books on the market for readers to choose from. Bundling is one way to reach readers and to expand your audience. For instance, you can join several authors and list your story or stories into one book. Stories that are shorter in length, such as a novella hooked together by themes or specific genres such as contemporary, historical or paranormal, can create a wonderful opportunity for the authors, who participate, to find new readers.

Giving Our Readers What They Want IN Our Novels

Giving Our Readers What they Want In Our Novels.
Why do readers read?
The first reason is for entertainment.
The best way to accomplish entertaining our readers is to create complex, fully developed characters in the story.
A complex, fully developed character is one who seems real. Someone whom the reader is intrigued by, someone the reader can identify with, someone the reader may have had experiences
similar to the characters and someone the reader can understand.

The second reason why readers read is; after a long day, they may settle down with a book that will hold their attention and keep their attention throughout the novel.

Keeping Your Creative Self Up and Running

Writers are emotional beings. We need to calm ourselves; calm the body. Calming the body calms the mind. Emotion is stronger than thought. We are social and emotional humans from start to finish. we can foster positive emotions by consciously creating positive environments driving away stress.
In the summer, you can go to the beach. sit on the sand and take your laptop with you. Listen to the ocean and enjoy the ocean breeze. 
In the winter,  if it's too cold, listen to music. Spotify and Pandora apps can be a powerful mood changer.

Making the Most of Writing Every Day

We can find room to write in our everyday lives, from paying more attention to our surroundings to planning writing weekends at a getaway cabin in the woods or at the beach. 
Those who find themselves with an evening a day or an entire weekend will appreciate the prompts designed for longer, more in-depth writing.
I have heard some writers complaining about writing and common problems during the writing process, such as," I can't find focus" or "I can't find anything good to write about.

Rejection Doesn't Have To Hurt

Sometimes rejection can be a good thing. Your genre can be a wrong fit with some publishers. 
Your agent may not have chosen the right publisher for your book. Your manuscript may have been rushed before it was ready. This can happen.
There could be a better opportunity with another publisher waiting for you. You just have to know where to look. If you love your story and your characters, stick to your story. Refuse to let it languish in a file or give up.
Rejections don't equal failure but can be opportunities.


I will be a participant the day of the book festival on April 24th 11am-4pm. Street festival, rain or shine! 3786 Howard Avenue in beautiful Kensington, Md. This event will feature local authors with readings, book arts, poetry and children's programs. There will be food, cooking demos, music and more, Come and join us. 

Free First Chapter of my Latest Book

A Faithful Choice

A Faithful Choice By Theresa Grant
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Theresa’s major influences have been her teachers from Long Ridge Writer’s Group, Universal Class, Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland and other published authors.
Chapter One “Ok, Sonny, it’s up to you. Me and your kid or your Aunt Virginia?



Quantum Shorts Competitions(Flash Fiction)
Craft your own quantum-themed flash fiction under 1000 words inspired by quantum physics. First prize $1,500.00, a trophy, and publication on
Deadline: 12/01/2015
Genre: Fiction

The National Endowment for the Arts will award a grant between $12,500 and $25,000 to recognize an accomplished translator who had translated poetry, prose, or drama. the work to be translated needs to be concerned for its literary merit and value.

Blog Tour Tips

A blog tour helps to gain new readers and is a great way to increase your readership and to get some reviews for your books.
My audience, for my blog tour, was readers who responded to writing careers and marketing articles.
Tips for your blog tour:

1 When it's time for your blog tour, write your posts ahead of the scheduled time.
2. Be sure that your blog is slanted toward your intended audience.
3. Make sure to include to your post a mixture of articles, interviews and reviews.
4. Make sure your announcement dates are spaced on your calendar and published on your website.

Five tips to improve your Bookselling Efforts

What is the biggest problem you're having in selling your book?
After your book has been published and you are holding it in your hand is indescribable. I was so overjoyed that I just held it in my bosom and cried. I jut wanted to shout to the world that I had a book that I worked on for two hours a day until I had finished it, and I just wanted to tell the world about it. This is where your next exciting journey comes into play; selling your book and selling it successfully.  Here are five tips that may help to improve your efforts to increase sales.
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